Icon SB-100 2.5 Universal Time Clock System Icon SB-100 2.5 Universal Time Clock System Default Manufacturer Icon Time Systems SB-100 PRO 2.5 Web Enabled Universal Time Clock . Includes 25-Employee Time Clock Software (Upgradeable to 250 Employees), Multi-User License, PIN Entry or Proximity Badge Terminal...with Ethernet, USB and RS232 standard. RS232 Cable Optional. Package comes with 25 pre-assigned employee number cards. Proximity cards sold separately. Office Supplies sb100pro SB-100 PRO 2.0 279.00 Time Clock Express
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Icon SB-100 2.5 Universal Time Clock System

Icon SB-100 2.5 Universal Time Clock System

Icon SB-100 PRO 2.5 Web Enabled Universal Remote Time Clock

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A Proven Solution Tailored to Small Business Needs

Unbeatable in technology, user friendliness, and price; the SB-100 PRO 2.5™ time clock is truly the best automated time clock solution for a business with 25 employees or less.

The SB-100 PRO 2.5™ allows employees to easily clock IN and OUT using keypad or optional badges. Meanwhile managers can easily, at anytime, access the time clock to monitor attendance, generate payroll reports & timecards at the click of a mouse.

The SB-100 PRO 2.5™ is quick to set up and simple to use. Viewing and editing reports is intuitive and easy to learn, making this the ideal system for companies that have never before used an automated time clock.


  • Supports up to 25 employees (expandable to 250)
  • User friendly setup, navigation, and design
  • Universal Connectivity – Ethernet, USB, Serial, and Internet connection! (Serial cable not included, but may be requested through Icon)
  • Allows for remote access over WAN  or the Internet (perfect for home offices!)
  • Universal Punch Method – PIN and Proximity (proximity cards sold separately)
  • Universal Access – Windows, Mac, Linux, PDA, and more
  • Connect multiple time clocks over your network or Internet
  • Pay no monthly subscription fees—not a Server as Software (SAS) or Application Service Provider (ASP)
Features Included in 2.5 Software
  • Paychex Online Payroll Export
  • FREE API to create custom Exports for advanced integration
  • New One-of-a-kind QuickBooks®Time Clock Plug-in
  • ADP®Export
  • Customize User Fields
  • Hide Employee PIN at the clock
  • Track Paid Breaks
  • About Your Time Clock Page
  • New help Menu (included new User Guide)
  • Many new upgrade features

Other Features

  • New Feature: Supports 3rd party badge types (HID, Mag, or Barcode) - Readers not included
  • Simple to Use – as easy as using your Web Browser
  • Use pre-loaded 25 employee option or upgrade for higher employee count
  • Receive proactive Homepage alerts to assist cost management
  • Save payroll preparation time and eliminate errors
  • Use the Internet to access time clock data from the office, home office or on the road
  • Plug directly into a computer if Internet access is not available
  • Export to QuickBooks Payroll
  • Export CSV used to import data to CSV capable payroll programs
  • Calculate standard, overtime, and consecutive day (California) overtime
  • PIN entry – employees clock In and Out with a pre-assigned ID
  • Proximity entry ready, simply buy Icon Time Systems proximity badges
  • Add notes by the punch allowing you to keep a history of edited data
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly periods
  • Calculate gross wages
  • Unlimited multi-PC access via network
  • View employees' time worked and last punch directly at the clock
  • Deduct lunch time automatically
  • Receive proactive emails alerts to assist payroll costs management (optional add-on)

In the Box

  • SB-100 PRO 2.5 Employee Time Clock
  • 25 Employee Capacity (Upgradeable)
  • 25 Free ID Number Starter Pad
  • 1-Year Warranty & 30 Days Free Technical Support
  • Quick Start Guide
  • QuickBooks & ADP interface
  • 15 ft Ethernet Cable
  • 15 ft USB Cable
  • Locking Mounting Plate with 2 Keys
  • Power Supply
  • Setup Wizard/Documentation CD
  • 30 Days FREE Set Up and Support

Available Upgrades

  • Web Punch Time Clock (browser based employee entry)
  • Increased Employee Capacity (groups of 100 or 250)
  • Use Proximity Cards (available in packs of 25)
  • Mobility Pack (Add Emailing of Alerts and more)
  • Management Plus (Categorize Employees by Department including Transfers)
  • RulesPlus Pack (Add Revision Zones, Non-worked Hours, Benefits and Accrual)
  • Advanced Pack (upgrades the SB-100 PRO 2.0 to have all of the funtionality of the RTC-1000 2.0 Universal Time Clock)

For Immediate Upgrades, choose from list at bottom of this page

System Requirements

  • Any Machine that uses a Web Browser (E.G. PC, Mac®, iPhone®, PDA)
  • For Direct to PC Connection: Windows® PC with one available Ethernet, USB, or serial port
  • Mac or Other Non-Windows OS: Require network connection
  • For Remote Access over Internet: Ethernet and Internet connection required for world-wide access (some additional configuration may be required by your IT professional)
  • Web Punch Time Clock: network connection required
  • QuickBooks Time Clock Plug-in and ADP Export: Require Windows®based PC
  • Win7 and Windows Vista Compatible (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Mac OS and Mac OS X Compatible

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Item Options

Icon Proximity Badges
Add 25 Proximity Badges ($65.00)
Add 50 Proximity Badges ($130.00)
Add 75 Proximity Badges ($195.00)
Add 100 Proximity Badges ($260.00)
Add 125 Proximity Badges ($325.00)
Add 150 Proximity Badges ($390.00)
Add 175 Proximity Badges ($455.00)
Add 200 Proximity Badges ($520.00)
Add 225 Proximity Badges ($585.00)
Add 250 Proximity Badges ($650.00)
Increase Employee Capacity
Upgrade to 50 Employees ($78.00)
Upgrade to 100 Employees ($190.00)
Upgrade to 250 Employees ($495.00)
Software Upgrade Packages

Advanced Plus

The Advanced Plus Pack upgrades the SB-100 PRO 2.5 to have all the functionality of the RTC-1000 2.5 Universal Time Clock. This upgrade includes:

  • 50 total employee capacity
  • Track employees in up to 32different departments
  • Supports department transfers at the clock
  • Includes Customizable Department Report to sort, pay, and categorize your employees by department.
  • Unlimited Multi-User Logins and Custom Permission Levels
  • Includes 5 Web Punch Licenses
  • Track Notes by the Punch, employee, or Department
  • Create Custom Reports
  • Connect up to 16 time clocks using Parent/Child configuration
  • Custom Employee PIN – set employee PIN to payroll ID, social security number, or a number that is easy for your employees to remember, (3-9 digits)
  • Custom User Fields – by employee, or department such as; payroll ID, address etc…
  • Custom System Prompts – customize your employee greeting at the clock, up to 3 different prompts.

Examples: Enter ID Number, Marque Su Numero, Work Safely

Custom Pin

NOTE: These features are standard with the RTC-1000 2.5 system

  • Allows custom personnel fields
  • Allows custom employee ID numbers
  • Allows custom messages at clock
  • Includes QuickBooks Plug-in and ADP Export compatibility for original Universal Time Clocks

Email Alerts

With automatic emailing of alerts your employee time clock does the work for you! Send email alerts to managers or employees to an unlimited number of recipients. The Email Alerts upgrade also includes the SSL option to help keep your data secure and protected when accessed online.

  • Integration with Gmail and other email clients
    Email Alerts Include:
  • Approaching Overtime – find out ahead of time if an employee is going to hit overtime
  • High Hours – notifies you when an employee works too many hours
  • Low Hours – notifies you when an employee works to few hours
  • Log Punches – great for keeping in touch while on the road
Benefit Tracking

This option activates the use of Revision Zones, enhanced Overtime Preferences, and Non-worked Hours for your punches.

  • Benefit Tracking and Accruals, track and manage Vacation, Sick, and PTO benefits. Automate maximum accrual amounts, yearly carryover, and borrowing of benefits.
  • Revision Zones – help to manage payroll costs by preventing employees from gaining extra time by clocking IN early or OUT late. Rounds employee IN and OUT punches up to the assigned clock shift time.
  • Enhanced Overtime Preferences – allow you to customize your overtime multipliers and adds level 2 overtime that can be set by day, week, or consecutive day. Allows you to pay half time, double time or other custom rate on defined overtime.
  • Enter in non-worked Hours on the employee timecard such as off site work, bonuses, etc.

Web Punch Time Clock

Sold in sets of 5 employee licenses up to 25 total
  • Clock IN/OUT from Any Smart Phone or Web Browser over Intranet or Internet
  • Employees can view total hours, last punch, and do Break/Department Transfer
  • GPS Tracking with Google Maps integration allows manager to see employees location
  • Allows you restrict certain IP locations
  • No Monthly Fee!
Advanced Pack Upgrade ($110.00)
Email Alerts Upgrade ($98.00)
Customize Pack Upgrade ($100.00)
Benefit Tracking Upgrade ($115.00)
Add Web Punch Licenses
Add 5 Web Punch Licenses ($85.00)
Add 10 Web Punch Licenses ($170.00)
Add 15 Web Punch Licenses ($255.00)
Add 20 Web Punch Licenses ($340.00)
Add 25 Web Punch Licenses ($425.00)
Icon Support Plans

Annual Support Contracts

Icon Time Systems Annual Support Contracts allow you to optimize the convenience, productivity, and peace-of-mind of your time and attendance system. With an annual support contract you have unlimited access to highly trained Technical Support Specialists on our toll-free support line. There is no limit to the number of times you can call or the amount of time you may use.

Support contracts are available in two classes. Gold Support *offers telephone support for your systems beyond your 30-day free support**. Platinum Support* has all of the advantages of Gold Support but adds next-day-air replacement of damaged Icon Time Systems hardware.

*You will need the Adobe acrobat reader to view the listed manuals. Click on the PDF box on the right to download it for free.

Icon Platinum Support ($199.00)
Icon Child Clock Platinum Support ($109.00)
Icon Gold Support ($149.00)
Icon Child Clock Gold Support ($99.00)
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